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Who We Are

WE ARE a marketing and management consulting firm that services investment advisors and investment newsletter publishers. We have helped advisors and publishers to quickly grow assets, to leverage existing resources, to increase positive cash flow and to maximize new revenue streams. Our staff is comprised of individuals who have practical, real-world experience and manage and create highly successful marketing programs. We utilize proven business and marketing models that have helped our clients grow during bullish and bearish markets alike. Our time-tested approach helps our clients build their business.

Our lead generation strategies have worked for our own companies and for dozens of other small and large companies. We have tested thousands of marketing strategies and have gained insight into what works.  We can tailor some of these proven strategies to match your firm’s brand and objectives. We know the ups and downs of owning a business and have also helped build highly profitable and successful companies.

We offer multiple services that can help you significantly build your company’s assets and revenue…   Please click here to discuss how we can help you.

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Our Mission

How Savvy Investor Is Different?

For over 20 years, we have worked in our clients’ best interests by thinking and acting independently rather than following outdated industry practices. Our personalized approach, our total commitment to serving our clients and investment publishing experience make us unique in the financial advisor industry.

Advice That’s In Your Best Interest

We respect how hard you worked to build your firm, and so before we introduce you to any new marketing strategies, we get to know you.  We ask questions about your firm’s goals and needs, your budget, your brand, your staff… to better understand what is needed to expand your business.

What Unique Marketing Programs Do We Provide?

You may have heard about some of the newsletters and investment advisors we’ve helped create and develop, such as Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street, Bottom-line Personal, Louis Navellier’s Market Commentary, Mauldin Economics, Forbes, Morningstar’s, Leeb Publishing Group, many other leading publications.

We’ve had the good fortune to see them become the largest and best-selling investment newsletters of all time.

Along this journey, we’ve also made just about every mistake you can. We have tested thousands of promotions and learned which holes never to step into again — knowing what "not" to do increases our chances for greater successes.

Many of the proven and time tested strategies developed for these brands have been successfully adapted to generate high net-worth investor leads and clients.

Our clients have multiplied the size of their business and profits.

And that’s what Savvy can do for you. The priceless strategies that took us decades of trial and error to discover can now be adapted to expand your firm.

Targeting Your Demographic

Building great promotional campaigns, funnels, webinars and live events is what we do and just this can help build your business 10-fold. Actually, we go beyond the traditional outdated marketing practices. We know EXACTLY where to target your marketing efforts and acquire lists that fit your demographics.

Interested in Learning More?

When prospective clients ask what qualifies us to help financial advisors build their businesses, our answer is simple… we’ve successfully created and implemented our marketing programs to increase brand awareness, generate qualified sales leads and to help convert these leads into clients at an astounding rate.

Of course, we understand that until you experience your financial advisory business grow due to our advanced strategies, you may not fully believe what we have created for other advisors.

We’ve developed ways to make it easy, convenient, inexpensive, and worry-free for you to explore our strategies... literally, there's nothing to stand in your way…

See how Savvy Investor may be able to help your firm achieve your financial goals.

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Co-Founders, Jeff Greenberg and Steven Fishman, have over 60 years of combined experience of selling to retail investors and financial advisors. Both have a strong grasp on the leading trends, technology, and innovation needed to develop successful marketing strategies. They leverage their expertise to create marketing campaigns that are uniquely tailored to reach potential prospects within the framework of a company’s brand and strategic objectives.
Jeff Greenberg
Jeff Greenberg

Since co-founding Savvy Investor and throughout his career, Jeffrey Greenberg has transformed the client experience. After co-creating the firm in 2012 and serving as our clients’ chief marketer, Jeff reinvented advisor acquisition strategy and led a team that amplified advisors’ brand to help us better serve their need to increase and convert potential clients. Jeff is focused on building brands, driving new client acquisition and delivering premier client experience.

Jeff brings over 30 years of experience driving customer-centric innovation and growth. He owned his own celebrity based newsletter publishing company and served as the head of marketing for many investment publishers, including Louis Ruykeyser, Forbes, MorningStar, Mauldin Economics, Wyatt Investment Research…., during a period that saw subscribers grow to over a million. Jeff leveraged that experience and applied it to new breakthrough methods to help advisors generate and convert clients at astounding rates.

Jeff holds a master’s in business administration (marketing) and a bachelor’s degree in mass communications, from St. John’s University and Queens College, respectively.

Steven Fishman
Steven Fishman

Steven is the Co-Founder of Savvy Investor, his career spans over 25 years in the financial field, first as a registered representative then moving onto money management and financial newsletter publishing business.

As a proven leader who provided leadership as a Chief Compliance and Chief Operations Officer for a high profile New York City-based investment advisory firm, Steven continues to consult investment advisors on business operations, client lifecycle, compliance and B2B and B2C marketing strategies.

Steven also was a founding partner and COO for a financial publishing company that he led from inception to over 200,000 subscribers. He has a keen understanding of all aspects of marketing, management policies, coupled with the ability to lead highly cross-functional teams productively.

Steven specializes in helping financial advisors to target high net-worth clients. He has developed marketing programs that have led to generating hundreds of millions of dollars under management. He helped to successfully navigate advisors through multiple recessions and many market fluctuations.

Steven’s ability to build confidence and trust with all levels of staff helps accelerate strategic applications beyond expected goals. He has an extensive vendor contact list. Open communicator with hands-on management style and superior ability to mentor/train staff on company objectives.


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